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Three children around a tablet device
Education Trends

The Strategic Imperative for Schools: Technology as Connector

If schools hope to prepare students for an unknown future, they must make technology easy to use -- through hardware, software, mindset, and practice.
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Five children bundled up in a forest identifying rocks
Place-Based Learning

Technology, PBL, and Place-Based Education

A project- and placed-based learning school learns to use cutting-edge technology in the classroom while maintaining a close relationship to its stunning natural setting.
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Group of eight elementary school children sitting in circle at desks, some with tablets
Inquiry-Based Learning

Preparing a Classroom Culture for Deeper Learning

The art of thinking flourishes within an emotionally, intellectually and physically safe learning environment that is carefully constructed by the classroom teacher.
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Stack of pancakes with a flag in the middle
Education Trends

Reflecting on a Flat School

One school rearranged its staff duties and decision-making process to widen the range of ideas and involvement for operating efficiently and effectively.
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Photo of fruit and vegetable medley
Student Wellness

National Nutrition Month: Best Web Resources for Teachers

Explore some of the best teaching resources for National Nutrition Month in March.
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Boy standing in front of class pointing at screen

PBL Pilot: Apps, Tips, and Tricks

Fifth grade teachers share some of their favorite apps for rubrics, editing, and assessment that are streamlining the classroom workflow in their PBL pilot program.
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Illo of a Swiss Army Knife with classroom tools
Differentiated Instruction

Quality Instruction + Differentiation: Beyond the Checklist

Differentiate instruction through PBL or UBD by personalizing the driving question, having students design their own outcomes, and using the need to know process.
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Two young girls sitting outside looking at a tablet device
Formative Assessment

The Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit: Document Learning with Mobile Technology

To assess your students' ongoing awareness of what and how they're learning, consider using cameras, screenshots, video, and screencasting as everyday classroom tools.
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Girl expressively speaking in front of microphone

Transforming Silence: Poetry and Performance

Teaching poetry becomes a powerful group activity through individual and communal observation and explanation, creative response to poems read aloud, and celebrating student work.
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Two girls and three boys standing together smiling
Education Equity

Empowering Educators Through Cultural Competence

We're teaching students, not just curriculum, so cultural competence should equal professional competence, especially with students who don't share our background or level of privilege.
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