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New Teachers

Resources Toolkit for New Teachers

From classroom management to working with parents, lesson planning to learning environments, this compilation of blogs, videos, and other resources provides an array of tips and advice for teachers just starting out.
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5-Minute Film Festival

5-Minute Film Festival: Restoring Hope and Faith in Humanity

It's that time of year when many teachers need a little pick-me-up. Here's a playlist of videos to give you an uplifting, inspiring, end-of-the-year push.
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Social and Emotional Learning

Weaving SEL Skills Into Book Talks

Book Talks provide an ideal way to build students' problem-solving skills by deepening their insights into written materials.
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PBL Assessment

PBL and Standardized Tests? It Can Work!

Blogger Andrew Miller acknowledges the tension between project-based learning and standardized testing prep, yet he also finds a wide swathe of common ground between both teaching methods.
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Critical Thinking

A New Definition of Rigor

Rigor doesn't simply mean giving students more or harder work. Instead, it's the result of work that challenges students' thinking in new and interesting ways.
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1:1 Implementation

Myth vs. Reality in a 1:1 Classroom

Three myths about the 1:1 classroom: it's a paperless environment; all student work happens on devices; and all teachers need to adopt the technology.
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New Teachers

New Teachers: Preparing, Planning, and Building Support Systems

To set the stage for a successful first year of teaching, it’s important to do some advance planning and preparation. We’ve collected a variety of resources to help new teachers start the year off right.
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New Teachers

New Teachers: Designing Learning Environments

For new teachers, this resource compilation includes tips and guides on classroom design and layout to help maximize the possibilities of the learning environment.
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New Teachers

New Teachers: A Primer on Assessment

n this guide for new teachers, learn about different types of assessment and how they can be used to provide feedback to learners and inform instruction.
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Formative Assessment

Assessment: Lower Stakes, Raise Retention

Students learn better through retrieval-enhanced learning which can be practiced with smaller quizzes, daily questions, opportunities for reflection, and personalized oral quizzes.
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