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Resources to Prevent Summer Slide: Virtual Field Trips, DIY Projects and Summer Reading

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Summer is here! But along with warmer weather, trips to the pool and the Fourth of July, comes a not-so-fun reality... the summer slide.

Too often students scowl at the idea of summer learning, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, summer is the perfect time to dive into some fun, engaging learning activities.

Virtual field trips, check. Fiction writing, check. A summer of making, check. For parents, we’ve rounded up some outside-the-box resources, as well as reading, math and writing activities, that will help counteract summer slide.

Hands-on Resources to Pique Curiosity

DIY Ideas for Parents

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Heather's picture

Thanks for linking to my writing prompts! I'll be adding a new batch by the end of this week, so your readers will have lots to choose from for the summer.

tara greco's picture

I wanted to add this to your list! BoomWriter Media, in association with WGBH, is delighted to invite kids to sign up for BoomWriter Storytellers Camp - an innovative and enriching week-long online camp that brings campers together to write, edit and publish original works with inspirations by the award-winning Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney. Kids collaborate with others to create their own story and come away with a published book with their names in it!

(Full disclosure: I work for BoomWriter Media)

Daniel's picture

Here's a great option for the younger set--full-scale sidewalk chalk drawings of things like the International Space Station, a T-Rex, a polar bear, a Viking ship, and lots of other subjects. Gets them outside, employs all of their senses, and they have fun!

docofsoc1's picture
Parent of 1 first grader, CA, sociologist, parent blogger

Thank you for this helpful discussion. This topic is of interest to me as a parent to an almost 6- year old reader who loves books but has ADHD challenges and reading struggles. Until recently, I was new to the "summer slide" issue; now I'm seeing the term is ubiquitous this time of year! Here are some reflections I wrote about the summer slide as a parent blogger for Bookboard, a children's ebook firm.

Ashlie Forchione's picture
Ashlie Forchione
Content Manager at Ingenex Digital Marketing

Great list -- thanks for providing, Matt! Parents who are looking for activities to help kids see learning is all around them, every day (even in the summer...) might want to check out the ThinkStretch blog. It's filled with fun activities to help prevent the summer slide that kids actually enjoy.

They also offer a program that aligns with CCSS designed specifically to help stop summer learning loss for young students if you want to take it to the next level, and offer free downloads on their site. Worth looking into for anyone who's really trying to help their student overcome summer learning loss.

[FULL DISCLOSURE: I don't work for ThinkStretch, but I do help with their digital.]

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