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Ten Tell-Tale Signs that It’s Time to Get Back to the Classroom

You know it must be the end of summer vacation when…

August 19, 2011

As we move deeper into August, teachers start to get antsy as the first day of school approaches. Some teachers are thrilled and others are despondent. But most of us are somewhere in the middle -- sad about the end of summer, but ready to get back in the saddle. Over the years, I have come up with a system to let me know when it's time for a teacher to pick up the chalk again.

You know you're ready to get back into the classroom when you:

1. Tell others to stand in line quietly while waiting at the cash register.

2. Assign letter grades to all of your banking paperwork.

3. Only use the bathroom during six- or seven-minute windows during the day.

4. Rush through lunch in 35 minutes to get back to an empty room.

5. Walk among tables at the local food court to "keep an eye" on everyone.

6. Correct the grammar of random people on the street.

7. While at the movies, you instruct others to take a pass when they leave.

8. At the sound of a bell or buzzer, you stop everything you're doing and start over again seven minutes later.

9. Stands in business office hallways and encourage people to hurry up.

10. Whenever it turns 3:00 PM, no matter where you are, you stop everything you are doing and leave the room.

These are just a few tell-tale signs that you're ready to get back in the classroom. Please feel free to share any other signs you have noticed in the comments section below.

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