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Holden Clemens has dedicated his life to providing hope to students in his classroom. He hopes to bring smiles to the faces of hard working educators around the globe. He believes that no child can be reduced to a number or a bubble. To date, he has left no child behind. He also likes rainbows and Triceratopses. In that order.

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  • Student Engagement

    Ten Tell-Tale Signs that It’s Time to Get Back to the Classroom

    You know it must be the end of summer vacation when...
  • Teacher Leadership

    How to Work with the No-Share Teacher

    Sharing is an integral part of teaching. So what do you do when someone won't share?
  • Teacher Leadership

    How to Manage the "Late to the Game" Parent

    Blogger Holden Clemens urges teachers to set expectations early and often to prevent parents from badgering you to give their kid a better grade at the end of the year.
  • Student Engagement

    How to Work With the No-Homework Kid

    Educator and humorist Holden Clemens shares some tips for working with the kid who doesn't do his homework.
  • School Leadership

    How to Work with the Invisible Administrator

    Holden Clemens shares a very useful approach to working with a principal that nobody ever sees.
  • Assessment

    Happy Scott Walker Day!

    Guest blogger Holden Clemens shares his euphoria over the state of education today.