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5-Minute Film Festival: Restoring Hope and Faith in Humanity

It’s that time of year when many teachers need a little pick-me-up. Here’s a playlist of videos to give you an uplifting, inspiring, end-of-the-year push. 

May 8, 2015

It's that time of year when most educators I know could use a little pep talk. With disaster in Nepal and riots in Baltimore, and the end of the school year feeling just out of reach, some days it's hard to get out of bed. With that in mind, I've gathered a little collection of videos that will bring a smile to your face and warm your heart.

Video Playlist: Hope and Faith

Watch the first video below, or watch the whole playlist on YouTube.

  1. Why Principals Matter (06:23)

    What happens when a well-known street photographer (Humans of New York) hears a Brooklyn high school student praise his hardworking and passionate principal? A viral fundraising campaign that pulled in over a million dollars for a school in need.

  2. Diversity & Inclusion – Love Has No Labels (03:20)

    Ad Council's Love Has No Labels campaign battles implicit bias of all stripes -- and this incredibly powerful video, filmed on Valentine's Day, helps us be more conscious in the most heartwarming way possible.

  3. Humanity FTW: The Pizza Shop That Pays It Forward (03:27)

    One Philadelphia pizzeria owner wages war against hunger in the best way he knows how: by enabling customers to be generous. He's given away 10,000 slices of pizza to those who need it most.

  4. Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students! (03:55)

    Kid President is the master of pep talks, spreading his message of "Be Awesome!" to the world. This video is meant for teachers, but his original Pep Talk, Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here, For the Heroes, and Letter to the Future are also must-watch uplifting videos.

  5. Olympic Games 2012 London - Best Job (P&G) (02:03)

    I had to give a nod to the moms here, since Mother's Day just happened -- and this series of videos just reduces me to tears every time, even though it's an ad for a giant corporation. Thank you, moms!

  6. Keepers Of The Flame (03:21)

    A beautifully animated visual poem by Peter and Paul Reynolds of educational media company Fablevision; watch this one any time you're feeling doubt about how incredibly important educators are as the stewards of our children's minds and hearts.

  7. Duct Tape Surfing (04:42)

    A paraplegic mother is able to go surfing with her two sons with the help of a family friend and a roll of that most versatile of tools -- duct tape!

  8. How One Man's Trip to Toys 'R' Us Brought Mobility to Hundreds of Disabled Kids (04:50)

    This sweet story is about a professor who turns toy ride-on cars into mobility tools for small kids with disabilities that impair their freedom of movement. Learn more about Cole Galloway and Go Baby Go here.

More Resources to Brighten Your Day

What do you do to feel better when you're down? How do you renew your hope when you're feeling defeated? If you're in need of a little inspiration, check out the resources below. Hearing about (or doing!) acts of kindness, finding things to be grateful for, and giving yourself a break can all be great starts to change your mindset. Hang in there!

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