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Innovations in Teacher Prep and Support: Resource Roundup

In this collection, find resources that discuss some of the innovative strategies used by teacher educators, mentors, coaches, and other professionals to prepare and support preservice and new teachers and facilitate ongoing teacher development.

September 8, 2014

Before exploring the resources, read “Why Is Teacher Development Important? Because Students Deserve the Best“ to learn about the qualities of teacher-induction and teacher-preparation programs that help new teachers find success. Of course, beginning teachers needn’t rely on formal supports alone to continue improving their teaching craft; there are numerous opportunities to build professional learning networks and learn new skills. Edutopia’s list of the best resources for do-it-yourself PD and resources on the Professional Development page provide more information.

Trends in Teacher Education

Content-Area Preparation

English Language Arts


  • Takeaways from Math Methods: How Will You Teach Effectively? by Jennifer Bay-Williams (2014)

    Bay-Williams, educator and author, shares three critical ideas that she wants her pre-service math teachers to learn, each connected with a basic understanding of how their students will think and acquire knowledge.

  • Developing a Math Teacher Knowledge Framework, by Sarah Quebec Fuentes, J. Matt Switzer (2014)

    Fuentes and Switzer, assistant professors of math education, show the building blocks of the teacher knowledge framework and share preservice teachers' reflections on learning to anticipate student thinking.

Social Studies

Mentoring and Coaching Teachers

Additional Resources on the Web

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