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13 Free Teacher Downloads for Back to School

All of Edutopia’s downloadable and printable back-to-school resources are collected here for easy classroom reference.

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Graphic of a start flag attached to a hammer

Click on any link below to view or download that file. Tips for downloading: PDF files can be viewed on a wide variety of platforms -- both as a browser plug-in or a stand-alone application -- with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader program. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Become a Transformational Teacher

Classroom Download:

Super teacher video image of teacher standing behind her deskWhat Does Transformational Teaching Look Like?

Download this tip list with details on six steps to transformational teaching. Read more about these strategies in the associated post: "4 Big Things Transformational Teachers Do."


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Plan Inspiring Lessons

Classroom Downloads:

9 Ways to Plan Transformational Lessons

Download this poster with nine great lesson-planning tips. Read more about these planning strategies in the associated post: "9 Ways to Plan Transformational Lessons: Planning the Best Curriculum Unit Ever."

Unit Plan

Download this unit-planning checklist for step-by-step guidance on tweaking or overhauling the big elements of a unit plan. Read more about these strategies in the associated post: "Planning the Best Curriculum Unit Ever."

Graphic of a swinging spongeSponge Activities

Sometimes even well-planned lessons fail. Download this list of sponge activities to help you cope with the unexpected and re-engage your students. Learn more about how to put rough days in perspective and recalibrate in the associated post: "Academic Sponge Activities."


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Implement Assessment Strategies

Classroom Downloads:

53 Ways to Check for Understanding

Download a big, printable list of assessment strategies. Read more about these strategies in the associated post: "Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding."

Photo of children runningFormative Assessment Rubric for Social and Emotional Learning

Using this SEL progression chart, track student progress on SEL skills. Read more about how to measure and evaluate students' SEL development in "Building SEL Skills Through Formative Assessment."

Photo of students working at deskStudent Feedback Survey

Use a short survey to help students provide feedback on their classes. This survey is based on one used at Trinidad Garza Early College High School in Dallas, Texas. Learn more by reading "Student Surveys: Using Student Voice to Improve Teaching and Learning."

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Redesign Your Classroom Space

Classroom Download:

Banner that reads "Supplies!"7 Learning Zones Every Classroom Must Have!

Download a printable graphic with information about creating seven different learning zones. Read more about the benefits of creating classroom learning zones in the associated post: "7 Learning Zones Every Classroom Must Have."

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Establish a Positive Community

Classroom Downloads:

Drawings of studentsHow to Remember Names

Download a tip sheet with seven useful tips for remembering students’ names. Read more about these memory strategies in the associated post: "What Did You Call Me? -- How to Remember Students’ Names."

Students holding up self-portraitsSelf-Assessment Questions for Social & Emotional Development

Download this list of questions to support student self-assessment of social and emotional learning. Read more and find related downloads in the associated post: "Self-Assessment Inspires Learning."

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Support Diverse Learners

Classroom Downloads:

Student looking up from deskTips for Helping all Learners Succeed

Download a printable reference that includes guidance on reaching and supporting diverse learners. Read more about these tips in the associated post: "Helping Diverse Learners Succeed."

Photo of student using tablet deviceStrategies to Support English-Language Learners

Download a classroom tip sheet on supporting English-language learners. Read more about these strategies in the associated post: "Strategies and Resources for Supporting English-Language Learners."

Photo of students looking at teacher6 Hand Signals That Bring Learning to Life

Download a guide to six useful hand signals that students can use to provide instant peer feedback and communicate about their moment-to-moment reasoning. Learn more by reading "6 Hand Signals That Bring Learning to Life."

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Everlyne Wangeci's picture

I'm passionate about education especially in Africa. I come from Kenya. I have been thinking of a supplementary type of learning. This is to offer students an additionation type of education for future use. For instance, creative skills, musical instruments, woodwork, etc..
Can I get feedback from experienced educators who share a similar vision.

John S. Thomas's picture
John S. Thomas
First & Second Grade Teacher/Adjunct Faculty Antioch University New England, former Elementary Principal

Everlyne, I believe that anything you can do to further their skill development the better. They will not only learn new skills but perhaps a new hobby they hold with them the rest of their lives. Good luck.

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