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Waldorf-Inspired Curriculum Materials

What makes a Waldorf class work? Here are some notes from a veteran teacher.
August 31, 2009

This resource article accompanies the feature "Waldorf-Inspired Public Schools Are on the Rise."

Barbara Warren, a first-grade teacher at John Morse Waldorf Methods School, shares some of the schedules and notes that help her teach children the Waldorf way. She emphasizes that though these materials adhere to Waldorf founder Rudolf Steiner's philosophy of teaching to a child's developmental level, they may not apply to every class, because she created them specifically for her 30 students and their families.

Waldorf Curriculum Overview: Warren breaks down the basic components of Waldorf-inspired education in the first grade.

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Waldorf Block Rotation: The year's schedule, which includes extensive study of a letter one month and a number the next month.

Waldorf Lesson Plans: Fill in the blank schedules, which include a morning-circle activity and a daily story.

Waldorf Teacher Notes: This teacher narrative explains what the class studies each month and how the children respond.

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