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Using Reading and Writing to Do Math

This 5-step process leverages literacy skills—like reading, annotating, and writing—to help students solve math word problems.

March 28, 2019
George Lucas Educational Foundation

Students at this elementary school in the Bronx use a one-sheet math thinking map as they walk through the problem-solving procedure. (Download a PDF of the math thinking map.) The problem-solving procedure and math tasks that CVES uses are developed by Exemplars, a company that provides a library of rich performance tasks and professional development for K-12 schools.  

This video is part of our Schools That Work series and features key practices from Concourse Village Elementary School.

Schools That Work

Concourse Village Elementary School

Public, Urban
Grades Pre-K to 5
The Bronx, NY

Edutopia wishes to thank Accelerate Institute for helping us discover Concourse Village Elementary School.

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