Constance Steinkuehler on Interest-Driven Learning (Big Thinkers Series)

University of Wisconsin game-based learning scholar Constance Steinkuehler talks about her research on online video games and literacy, and how learning skyrockets when students are passionate about the subject matter. Steinkuehler is currently serving as a White House policy analyst, shaping the Obama administration’s efforts to encourage development of games that improve health and education.

April 16, 2013

Big Thinkers Video Series

Some of the most compelling visionaries in the world -- from Sir Ken Robinson to Jane Goodall to Martin Scorsese -- are focusing their attention on how to improve education. From innovative classroom concepts to suggestions on how to foster creativity and collaboration, they share their valuable insights for teaching and learning and illuminate new solutions to old problems.
Get inspired by their big ideas.

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Find more information on Constance Steinkuehler's blog, or follow Constance Steinkuehler on Twitter. Steinkuehler is currently on leave from her research at the University of Wisconsin, where she is co-director of Games + Learning + Society, for 18 months to be a policy analyst for the White House.

Visit the Big Thinkers series page to see more videos.

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