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Trauma-Informed Practices

Learn what trauma-informed education is, its benefits, and how to get started on a classroom or school-wide level.

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  • Middle school teacher reads to a small group of students

    5 Trauma-Informed Strategies for Supporting Refugee Students

    Educators can take the initiative to provide safe and welcoming spaces in their classrooms and school community.
    Jorge Valenzuela
  • Setting Priorities in Trauma-Informed Education

    In this excerpt from her new book, Alex Shevrin Venet explains how she makes decisions that support students who have experienced trauma.
  • Teenage girl walking alone down hallway

    Recognizing the Signs of Trauma

    Trauma may look different from student to student, so it’s prudent to always use trauma-responsive practices.
  • Teacher and student speak one-on-one

    Harnessing the Synergy Between Trauma-Informed Teaching and SEL

    Students can develop the core competencies of social and emotional learning with the support of strong relationships with teachers.
  • Steps for Collective Well-Being in the New School Year

    Teachers can rebuild connections and create an educational environment in which they support students and each other.
  • Breaking the Cycle of Silence Around Black Mental Health

    Data shows that Black youth are especially prone to develop mental health issues but less likely to seek out or receive the specialized services and care they need.
  • Teacher works with elementary students in class

    Bringing a Trauma-Informed Lens to Early Childhood Education

    Being mindful of the many difficulties the youngest students may be experiencing is one way teachers can help them weather the pandemic.
  • Education Buzzwords Defined: What Are Trauma-Informed Practices?

    Education Buzzwords Defined: What Are Trauma-Informed Practices?

    The phrase “trauma informed” is everywhere, but what does it mean to bring that lens to school settings? Get started with a basic definition.
  • A High School Turns to Former Students to Address Racism on Campus

    Alumni at a predominantly White high school opened up about the racism they experienced as students—and helped change the culture of the school.
  • An illustration of a girl looking out the window

    The Reparative Power of Relationships

    Many schools around the country strive to support students who have experienced trauma—and that work is always rooted in strong relationships.
  • Schoolboy stands in front of the school door.

    Teachers—on Making Room for the New Kids in Class

    More than 6.5 million K–12 students in the U.S. change schools each year. How can teachers help them acclimate socially and academically?

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