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School Libraries

Bookshelves and study carrels? Digital learning commons? Or something in between? Discover how educators are using and reimagining their school libraries.

  • Teacher Collaboration

    Collaborating With Your School Librarian

    Ten ways to work with your highly trained colleagues in the library to enhance literacy instruction.
  • Learning Environments

    Building a 21st-Century Learning Space

    A community raised $6 million to construct an innovative 30,000-square-foot facility complete with makerspaces and learning labs.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

    The Big Social Justice Book List Project

  • School Libraries

    21st-Century Libraries: The Learning Commons

    Libraries become a different kind of learning destination when schools reimagine them as open, transparent spaces that invite student communication and collaboration.
  • Student Engagement

    Ten Ways to Cultivate a Love of Reading in Students

    Ten suggestions for how any teacher, teaching any subject can participate in this mission, and how parents and administrators can help.
  • Maker Education

    How the Maker Movement Is Moving Into Classrooms

    From the pedagogy of educational theorists and design thinkers to the passion of tinkers and hobbyists, the Maker movement finds its way into mainstream education.
  • Literacy

    Read With Me: 5 Tips to Foster a Love for Reading

    Edutopia blogger Lisa Dabbs shares her enthusiasm for reading with five tried-and-true suggestions for developing a lifelong book habit in young readers who may or may not have discovered the magic of the printed page.
  • School Libraries

    The Importance of a Classroom Library

    An appealing, inspiring collection of books, regardless of content area, is a crucial literacy tool that every teacher should have in the classroom.
  • School Libraries

    School Libraries and Makerspaces: Can They Coexist?

    While libraries and makerspaces are both interdisciplinary, resource-filled places of informal learning, each serves distinct purposes for enriching student experience and school culture.
  • School Libraries

    Librarians' Changing Roles Can Inspire School Communities

    A 21st-century librarian can inspire a school by modeling responsive teaching, advocating for student involvement, facilitating new approaches to writing, and encouraging user-centered spaces.
  • Learning Environments

    4 Tips to Transform Your Learning Space

    Attract students to libraries and other rooms of learning by creating agile, inviting spaces with makerspace elements and, most importantly, a community feeling.
  • Learning Environments

    Classroom in the Cloud: Technology as a Learning Environment

    An under-utilized high school library becomes a constant learning organization and a place of cloud literacy where students send their avatars into 3-D virtual classrooms.
  • School Libraries

    Bringing Design Thinking to the School Library

    Want to revamp your library? Design thinking may be just the planning tool you need.
  • 5-Minute Film Festival

    5-Minute Film Festival: Reimagining the Library

    In honor of the 30th anniversary of School Library Month, VideoAmy has produced a list of interesting and insightful videos and resources that explore the future of the school library.