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Discover how students and educators can reduce stress, better regulate emotions, and focus more fully on teaching and learning by tuning into their inner selves.

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  • 5 Reasons to Bring Plants Into the Classroom

    Keeping potted plants in your room is more than just a nice touch. Research points toward many benefits for the environment—and for your learners.
  • Creative Ways to Teach Breathing Practices to Young Learners

    Teachers can help students in preschool and the early elementary grades use mindfulness to find calm when they feel overwhelmed.
    Kailyn Fullerton
  • How to Celebrate the End of the Year in Elementary School

    Teachers can balance maintaining classroom routines with creating special moments for students to remember.
  • 7 Ways to Identify and Overcome Self-Criticism

    How you think about yourself matters to your teaching practice, and these tips can help you persevere through moments of self-doubt.
  • How to Maslow Before Bloom, All Day Long

    Morning meetings are a good place to start, but what you really need is a toolkit of strategies to meet your students’ social and emotional needs all day long.
  • Creating a Dedicated Space for Reflection

    Providing students with a quiet spot where they can calm themselves in times of stress helps them develop self-regulation.
  • A Movement Sequence to Help Students Maintain Self-Regulation

    An occupational therapist offers a series of calming whole-body exercises for students to do as a class throughout the school day.
  • Eight high school students are standing in a row at the front of the class, each ripping a small piece of paper.

    13 Powerful SEL Activities

    Build social and emotional skills into any class.
  • More Than a Check-In: Maslow Before Bloom Throughout the Day

    While checking in on students’ well-being at the beginning of class is important, tending to it throughout the day helps students flourish—socially, emotionally, and academically.
  • 8 Activities for Students (and Teachers) to Create a Mindful Classroom

    Everyone in the classroom benefits when there are opportunities throughout the day to reflect and prepare for learning.
  • Weekly Circles for Students and Faculty

    See what happens when students and faculty participate in regular meetings to build trust and promote deeper learning.
  • How Preschool Teachers Can Benefit From Mindful Thinking

    Mindful thinking helps teachers become more attuned to their needs and the needs of students and families.
  • 4 Ways to Cultivate Mindfulness in the Classroom

    These simple exercises can bring more focus and calm to your school day—while helping students practice regulating their emotions.
  • Woman looks thoughtfully out of a window with a cup of coffee in her hand

    When Teachers Experience Empathic Distress

    Mindfulness and compassion are effective self-care strategies for teachers who work with students who routinely experience trauma.
  • 4 Ways Teachers Can Stay Grounded

    This teacher pushed back against burnout by revisiting her core beliefs about teaching and her students—and by taking some time off.

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