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Game-Based Learning

Get tips, techniques, and tools that apply the principles of game design to the learning process -- a dynamic way to engage learners and help educators assess learning.

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  • A Fun ‘Survivor’-Themed Classroom Activity That Promotes Science Learning

    Collaboration, reflection, and healthy competition make for lasting memories when teachers use a novel approach to sustain student interest.
    Lisa Dulin
  • Teacher speaking with student in elementary school classroom

    A Path to Improving Students’ Emotional Intelligence

    Teachers can merge social and emotional learning and student choice to guide students to better understand themselves.
  • An elementary school student acts surprised

    Using a Theater Game to Link SEL and Academics

    A social and emotional learning game helps elementary students explore different feelings, and it can be connected to the curriculum.
  • 10 Free Financial Literacy Games for High School Students

    Students can use games to learn money management and financial decision-making.
  • A google slide with multimedia about the ancient pyramids

    Using Gamification to Increase Engagement During Hybrid Learning

    Games that take students on a quest can invigorate social studies and strengthen bonds among learners.
  • An illustration concept of philosophical questions

    Using Student-Generated Questions to Promote Deeper Thinking

    Asking students to create their own questions has a powerful impact on learning. Plus, 5 tips to encourage high-quality questions.
  • Middle schoolers play a game in Spanish class

    How to Bring Traditional Games to World Language Classes

    Play is a popular student engagement strategy, and traditional games boost world language learning via an authentic cultural experience.
  • Illustration of girl surrounded by different games

    How to Use Gameplay to Enhance Classroom Learning

    Research shows that using games in teaching can help increase student participation, foster social and emotional learning, and motivate students to take risks.
  • Minecraft screenshot

    A Guide to Teaching Writing With Minecraft

    Using the popular game in station rotation activities during distance learning is a way to bring an element of play and collaboration to writing assignments.
  • Games Can Have a Powerful Impact on Learning

    A conversation between the writers of two new books on using games across the curriculum to promote social and emotional learning and civics skills.
  • A girl looks at a math app on a tablet screen.

    Using Math Apps to Increase Understanding

    These 10 free or low-cost apps turn learning math into a game.
  • Board game pieces

    Does Our Natural Affinity for Games Have a Place in the Classroom?

    When one teacher organized his students into teams of competing barbarians, they embraced learning about ancient Rome.
  • Illustration of 2 children with an iPad

    2 Ways to Bring Games Into Your Classroom

    Gamification and game-based learning are different instructional strategies, but both can work wonders for student engagement.
  • Girl on video call with friends from school, due to Coronavirus lockdown

    How to Use Games to Build Community in Distance Learning

    Games not only provide fun distractions from the stressors of the pandemic but also can be useful tools for online learning.
  • A child's hand holding green base ten blocks for a math game

    Turning Math Into a Game

    Building a sense of play around math problems encourages students to engage and collaborate.

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