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Tech and Teach

    We've got a fun and quick assignment for you and your class, and the answers you submit will form the basis of an article we're putting together for the July/August issue of Edutopia. We know, and you know, that your students are crazy about tech. We also know they'd like to use it in the classroom. So we'd appreciate it if you to ask your students the following questions:

    What technology do you use outside of school that would be good for the classroom? Why? How would that work?

    Here's an example: We like the computer game Zoo Tycoon. In the classroom, you could assign teams of kids to create zoos, and then you and they could analyze the ones that score the highest on factors such as finances, animal happiness, and the number of visitors. Then you could figure out the best parts of how those teams managed their zoos and try to put together the ideal zoo. It's a lot like managing a business, or even a life. Lesson learned!

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    We also welcome ideas about how to use consumer tech devices and gadgets in the classroom.

    Send your suggestions to by May 14 -- no unexcused late assignments accepted!