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Teacher Development

Teachers as Technology Experts: Sharing What They Learn

Teachers train fellow educators on technology integration.

    Each of the fifty teachers at The Webster School in St. Augustine, Florida, has become an expert in one area of technology, such as integrating it into the curriculum or software copyright laws.

    "Once one of our teachers learns about some aspect of technology," says Scarlet Harriss, the school's technology coordinator, "they are like grown-up kids -- proud to be recognized as experts and eager to help their colleagues."

    Webster, a school that serves 815 students, mostly in pre-K through fifth grade, developed the "teacher-expert" model under a state-funded program designed to encourage model technology sites. Its teachers have since served as trainers in the rest of the school district and participated in a statewide technology infusion program.

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    At their own school, the teachers' knowledge and leadership has led to the widespread integration of interactive multimedia and telecommunications technologies throughout the curriculum. Schoolwide e-mail increases communication among the staff, while voice mail offers parents an easy way to connect with teachers. A closed-circuit television network with cable access is used to broadcast school news, announcements, and presentations.