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Two Rivers Public Charter School

Charter, Urban
Grades pre-K to 8
Washington, DC
  • Critical Thinking

    4 Tips on Teaching Problem Solving (From a Student)

    A student shares her insights into the most important skill you can teach. (Hint: It’s not perseverance.)
    Anna Pelletiere
  • Teacher Development

    The Power of Vulnerability in Professional Development

    Sharing your students' work with your peers fuels incredible professional growth.
  • Lesson Plans

    3 Ways Lesson Plans Flop—and How to Recover

    Tips on how to reach your teaching goal when your initial plan fails.
  • Critical Thinking

    Grappling With Real-World Problems

    Project-based learning can focus on real community issues to combine content and student interests.
  • Teacher Collaboration

    Teachers Gain From Peer Review

    Teachers share their students' work with fellow teachers to improve their instruction.
  • Teaching Strategies

    Learning From Peers’ Strengths

    Students can improve their work by learning to recognize the strengths in the work of their peers.
  • Arts Integration

    Using the Arts to Synthesize Student Understanding

    Uncover how you can use the arts to both meet your arts standards and deepen academic learning.
  • School Leadership

    5 Strategies for Creating a Mission-Driven Learning Community

    Start with yourself. Model what it means to be a lifelong learner.
  • Arts Integration

    Arts Integration: Deepening Understanding of Core Content

    Arts integration is more than an afterthought. You can use the arts to both meet your arts standards and deepen academic learning.
  • Teaching Strategies

    Critique Protocol: Helping Students Produce High-Quality Work

    Your students can improve their work by recognizing the strengths and weaknesses in the work of others.
  • Teacher Collaboration

    Analyze Student Work to Inform Instruction

    Tailor your instruction by incorporating your peers’ feedback about student work.
  • Critical Thinking

    Solving Real-World Issues Through Problem-Based Learning

    The perfect problem connects content, student interest, and an authentic context.

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