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Montpelier High School

Public, Rural
Grades 9-12
Montpelier, VT
  • Education Trends

    What Is Personalization, Really?

    Personalized learning means student agency, defining curriculum by real-life skills, defining learning expectations, encouraging self-knowledge, and teachers getting to know their students as people.
    Mike Martin & Adam Bunting
  • Service Learning

    Service Learning: Real-Life Applications for Learning

    Montpelier High School's service learning program integrates across the curriculum, utilizing a school greenhouse and gardens to provide food for the school district's lunch program.
  • Service Learning

    Having Students Serve Their District

    Visit a high school that incorporates service learning throughout the curriculum, including having biology classes produce greens for the cafeterias.
  • Student Wellness

    Unplugging From Stress

    These high school students get a 15-minute recess every day––and teachers praise the benefits.
  • Integrated Studies

    Sustainability Across the Curriculum

    Using a campus greenhouse, teachers in multiple disciplines collaborated to make connections to sustainability.
  • Community Partnerships

    Connecting Coursework to the World Outside School

    Students participate in local internships to explore their interests, realizing that learning isn’t confined to a classroom.
  • Student Wellness

    Recess for High School Students

    Last year, Montpelier High shifted its schedule to free up 15 minutes -- for recess. Teachers and students find they are more calm and focused, with a camaraderie that continues into the classroom.
  • Community Partnerships

    Community-Based Learning: Connecting Students With Their World

    At Montpelier High School, community-based learning focuses on student interest to create internship opportunities that are designed to connect academic learning to the real world.
  • Integrated Studies

    Integrated Studies: Sustainability and Cross-Curricular Connections

    By connecting the theme of sustainability across multiple disciplines, the teachers at Montpelier High School have built a robust, integrated teaching approach that engages students and creates community.