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Montpelier High School

Public, Rural
Grades 9-12
Montpelier, VT
  • Education Trends

    What Is Personalization, Really?

    Personalized learning means student agency, defining curriculum by real-life skills, defining learning expectations, encouraging self-knowledge, and teachers getting to know their students as people.
    Mike Martin & Adam Bunting
  • Service Learning

    Service Learning: Real-Life Applications for Learning

    Montpelier High School's service learning program integrates across the curriculum, utilizing a school greenhouse and gardens to provide food for the school district's lunch program.
  • Service Learning

    Having Students Serve Their District

    Visit a high school that incorporates service learning throughout the curriculum, including having biology classes produce greens for the cafeterias.
  • Student Wellness

    Unplugging From Stress

    These high school students get a 15-minute recess every day––and teachers praise the benefits.
  • Integrated Studies

    Sustainability Across the Curriculum

    Using a campus greenhouse, teachers in multiple disciplines collaborated to make connections to sustainability.
  • Community Partnerships

    Connecting Coursework to the World Outside School

    Students participate in local internships to explore their interests, realizing that learning isn’t confined to a classroom.
  • Student Wellness

    Recess for High School Students

    Last year, Montpelier High shifted its schedule to free up 15 minutes—for recess. Teachers and students find they are more calm and focused, with a camaraderie that continues into the classroom.
  • Community Partnerships

    Community-Based Learning: Connecting Students With Their World

    At Montpelier High School, community-based learning focuses on student interest to create internship opportunities that are designed to connect academic learning to the real world.
  • Integrated Studies

    Integrated Studies: Sustainability and Cross-Curricular Connections

    By connecting the theme of sustainability across multiple disciplines, the teachers at Montpelier High School have built a robust, integrated teaching approach that engages students and creates community.