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Mike Martin & Adam Bunting

Director of Curriculum + Technology & Principal

Adam Bunting and Michael Martin work, respectively, as Principal and Director of Curriculum & Technology for Montpelier Public Schools in Vermont. Adam holds an M.Ed. from Harvard University and is a graduate of the Vermont School Leadership Project at the Snelling Center for Government. Michael is a doctoral candidate in the University of Vermont’s Education Leadership & Policy Studies program and holds an M.A. in French from Middlebury College. Michael also writes commentaries for Vermont Public Radio and works as a Senior Associate for the Rowland Foundation.

Mike can be found on Twitter, at @Mike_MPS, and Adam is @Bunting_Adam.

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    What Is Personalization, Really?

    Personalized learning means student agency, defining curriculum by real-life skills, defining learning expectations, encouraging self-knowledge, and teachers getting to know their students as people.