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Meyer Elementary School

Public, Rural
Grades 1-4
Lexington, MI
  • Response to Intervention

    Response to Intervention: Meeting Students at Their Learning Ability

    Meyer Elementary School's Response to Intervention practice has contributed to their ranking in the top five percent of all Michigan schools.
  • Technology Integration

    Tech Literacy: Making It Relevant Through Content Learning

    Teaching technology at Meyer Elementary School goes beyond showing kids how to use email and apps. It gives students a context for learning technology through subject areas, making all learning more relevant.
  • Response to Intervention

    Guiding Students to Success at Their Own Level

    The Response to Intervention model has helped a school reduce the gap between the highest- and lowest-achieving students.
    Emelina Minero
  • Technology Integration

    Integrating Technology Into Content Learning

    Setting up a context for learning apps and other tools through all subject areas makes tech literacy relevant.

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