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Meriden Public Schools

Public, Urban
Grades K-12
Meriden, CT
Teacher Collaboration

Want to Improve a District? Let Teachers Lead the Way

A Connecticut superintendent put teachers and students at the forefront of all decisions and transformed a district.

Holly Korbey
  • Learning Environments

    Sensory Room 101

    After we published a video about a special room designed to help autistic kids calm and focus themselves, you had questions. Here’s what it takes to create this kind of space.
    Betty Ray
  • School Leadership

    Innovating Through District-Union Collaboration

    Memorandums of understanding help district leaders and union members achieve flexibility around time and money issues.
  • Learning Environments

    The Sensory Room: Helping Students With Autism Focus and Learn

    Imagine a safe space where students with autism can go to calm their bodies and then get back to the business of learning.
  • Technology Integration

    Tech Buddies: Building Technology Skills Through Peer Teaching

    See the learning on both sides when fifth graders teach computer skills to first graders.
  • Student Engagement

    Student-Centered Learning: Building Agency and Engagement

    Peek inside a high school where teachers act as facilitators and students are directors of their own learning.
  • School Leadership

    Meriden Public Schools: Courageous Leadership and Innovation in Action

    Visit a school district that has modernized by focusing on four key areas.
  • School Leadership

    Redesigning District-Wide Special Education Services

    A multipronged approach to improving services for students with special needs.
  • School Leadership

    Using No-Agenda Meetings Effectively

    “No agenda” doesn’t mean “no purpose”—these meetings foster innovation and open discussion among district leaders.

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