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Edwards Middle School

Public, Urban
Grades 6-8
Charlestown, MA
  • After-School Learning

    How a Longer School Day Can Improve Academics

    Since Edwards Middle School in Boston added three hours to their school day through the Expanded Learning Time Initiative, they have seen great improvements both academically and in the overall school culture and environment. See how they used the additional time to such good effect.
  • After-School Learning

    Expanded Learning Time Builds Positive Culture and Academic Performance

    Extended learning time allows students to work together in groups to improve their skills and gives them the opportunity to explore extracurricular areas of interest.
  • Student Engagement

    Special Ed Best Practices Inspire Successful Expanded Learning Time for All Students

    Craig Haas, Special Ed and Student Services Coordinator at Edwards Middle School, shares how his team uses expanded learning time to provide relevant academic support to each individual student while breaking down stigmas between children of different abilities.
    Craig Haas
  • Student Engagement

    Nine Strategies for Reaching All Learners in English Language Arts

    Middle school English language arts teacher Hassan Mansaray shares how he uses an individualized learning model, Readers and Writers Workshop, to reach his students in an expanded learning time program.
  • Education Trends

    Implementing Expanded Learning Time: Six Factors for Success

    Amrita Sahni of Boston's Edwards Middle School outlines the steps taken to successfully implement their renowned Expanded Learning Time (ELT) program.