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Casey Middle School

Public, Urban
Grades 6-8
Boulder, CO
  • Integrated Studies

    Fit Lit: How Movement Impacts Learning

    Students at Casey Middle learn more (and feel good about it) in a combined language arts/fitness class that boosts their cognition with aerobic and anaerobic activities.
  • Inquiry-Based Learning

    Inquiry-Based Learning in the Science Classroom

    Beginning with a central question and driven by curiosity and personal passions, science students at Casey Middle seek answers through research, experimentation, and data analysis.
  • Global Education

    Bilingual Program: Academic Content in Two Languages

    Native English and Spanish speakers come together in Casey Middle's Bilingual Program, tutoring one another as they study core subjects and electives in both languages.
  • Inquiry-Based Learning

    Answers That Are a Little Out of Reach

    With inquiry-based learning, middle school science students use experiments and discussion to stretch their thinking.
  • Integrated Studies

    The Benefits of Combining Language Arts and Fitness

    See how integrating language arts and fitness in one class boosts students’ cognition and mood.
  • Global Education

    The Benefits of Learning in Two Languages

    Native English and Spanish speakers help each other learn in a bilingual program that covers core subjects and electives.