George Lucas Educational Foundation

Aptos Middle School

Public, Urban
Grades 6-8
San Francisco, CA
Project-Based Learning

Boosting Student Engagement Through Project-Based Learning

A researcher-practitioner partnership in San Francisco shows promising results for middle school science students.

Youki Terada
  • Project-Based Learning

    A Research-Backed Science Curriculum

    Learning collaboratively through projects yields results for middle school students.
  • Curriculum Planning

    Making Projects Accessible

    To get started with student-led, project-based work, teachers can try the 5E instructional model.
  • Collaborative Learning

    Getting All Students to Participate

    Scaffolded group work can be more equitable for all students, no matter their abilities.
  • Curriculum Planning

    Collaboration Days for Curriculum Design

    When teachers have a say in evolving the curriculum, students see the benefits.