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Readers' Survey 2007: Most Overrated Buzzword or Idea

Edutopia readers weigh in on their favorites.


    Coincident with the renewal of the No Child Left Behind Act comes your noisy dislike of its ubiquitous acronym. NCLB stays at number one, the most overrated buzzword for two years running. This is not to say there aren't plenty of other peeve-worthy words and phrases dogging the profession. "Differentiated instruction," "project-based," and "authentic assessment" are just some of the leading contenders that probably grate less because of their meanings, which can be vague, than due to their leaky-faucet overuse.

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    Our Take

    Hear the Buzz

    We offer for your reading enjoyment the following sampling of buzzword haiku, created exclusively with words from your responses (with a bit of latitude on the syllable count).

    Standard technophobe
    out of the box backward
    teaching to the test

    Equal adequate
    seamless paradigm size fits
    all expectations

    Smart board single sex
    iPod based education
    New pedagogy

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