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Readers' Survey 2006: Most Overrated Buzzword or Idea

Edutopia readers weigh in on their favorites.
By Edutopia
Edutopia Team
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With a deafening roar, gentle readers, you said,"NCLB" or "No Child Left Behind" was the most overrated buzzword or idea. Those who could muster a few more words on the subject added, "It simply ignores reality" or "I am sick of it, and all teachers I know feel the same way." Trailing far behind in the contempt sweepstakes were two familiar terms: "standards" and "blogging." Some said "standardized testing" or "standards-based curriculum," others mentioned just plain "blogs," but the message was clear: Enough already. Solid runners-up were "pedagogy," "podcasting," and "differentiated," alone or with "instruction" or "curriculum."

Our Take


To: All educators
Date: April 1, 2006
Re: Education Acts Left Behind

  1. No Child Left Maligned
  2. No Child Left Reclined
  3. No Child Left in Their Right Mind
  4. No Child Left Creatively Inclined
  5. No Child Left Unturned
  6. No Child Sold Before Their Time

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