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  • Education Equity

    A Guide to Equity and Antiracism for Educators

    Teachers shaken by recent events and wondering how to work for change in our society and schools can start with these lesson plans, videos, and other resources.
    Hedreich Nichols
  • School Leadership

    Teachers Around the World Tell Us Reopening is Tough, but Joyful

    In countries where infection rates have stabilized, schools are reopening. When we asked how that’s going, over 600 teachers responded.
  • Assessment

    Fast and Efficient Ways to Provide Feedback

    Three simple strategies to provide feedback that save time and improve student performance.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

    Building Student Understanding Across Racial Differences

    A partnership between an all-black class in Memphis, Tennessee, and an all-white class in rural New Jersey has helped students bridge racial and cultural divides.
  • The Research Is In

    Preschoolers Prefer Books Rich in Whys

    Want to increase a young child’s motivation to read? Tap into their natural curiosity, a new study finds.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

    Lessons on Culturally Responsive Teaching From Black Churches

    White teachers seeking to grow in their cultural competence and better engage black students can learn from a mainstay of many black communities.
  • Blended Learning

    3 Ways to Deepen Student Engagement in Online Discussions

    Tips for bringing the unique learning opportunities of small-group discussions to online class sessions.
  • School Leadership

    In California, Some Schools Reopen for Vulnerable Students

    In one county in California, alternative education and special education students are starting to return to school with new heightened health protocols.
  • Professional Development

    Focusing on Teacher Engagement to Improve Professional Development

    A national survey provides ideas on how PD can be more aligned to teachers’ needs—even during a pandemic.
  • Assessment

    Using Universal Design to Create Better Assessments

    Tapping into elements of Universal Design for Learning may help teachers create fairer and more reliable tests.