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5-Minute Film Festival: 5 Videos to Explore Growth Mindset

Learn more about how mindset can affect learning with this collection of videos—for everyone from preschoolers to parents.

November 18, 2016

We know there’s no silver bullet for improving learning outcomes for kids, and Stanford researcher Carol Dweck, who originated the concept of growth mindset, has spoken out recently against the misapplication of her findings. But with a deeper understanding of the idea, and more exploration around what proper implementation looks like, growth mindset has a lot of potential. If you’d like to learn more, or want to clarify the idea for the people around you, these five videos offer something for every audience—from preschoolers to parents and colleagues to college kids. 

Carol Dweck—The Power of Believing That You Can Improve (10:25)

Dweck’s 10-minute TED talk is an excellent entry point to the subject. She walks you through “the power of yet”—and its polar opposite, “the tyranny of now”—to show how we can influence our own brain’s capacity for learning. (Best for: parents, teachers, administrators, and high school students.)

Growth Mindset for Students—Episode 1 of 5 (02:36)

This sweet animation is part one of a five-part video series developed by Class Dojo, with Stanford’s PERTS research center, to teach kids about growth mindset. Get more episodes and discussion guides on Class Dojo’s Big Ideas site. PERTS also offers a comprehensive Mindset Kit with more resources for educators. (Best for: elementary school students.)

A School That Keeps Learning—Part 3: Growth Mindset (08:40)

The concept of growth mindset can be as powerful for educators as it is for students. This video from Teach For All provides an introduction to a school in New Orleans that has fully integrated the idea into the culture, classrooms, and community. (Best for: teachers and administrators.)

Janelle Monáe—The Power of Yet (02:41)

Even your preschoolers can get into the idea with the inimitable Janelle Monáe as she brings Dweck’s concept to life in the song “The Power of Yet” on Sesame Street(Best for: preschool and early elementary school students.)

How to Help Every Child Fulfill Their Potential (09:59)

As we started with Dweck, it seems fitting to end with Dweck. She speaks here on the critical role praise can play in developing a growth mindset in children, beautifully illustrated in an RSA Animate video. By simply adjusting your language and commenting on effort rather than intelligence, you can make a dramatic difference. (Best for: parents, teachers, and administrators.)

You can find countless videos and resources online to dig deeper into research around mindsets. For even more resources, check out these three solid organizations:

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