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How to Use the Edutopia Embeddable Player

Get Edutopia videos embedded on your own website or blog in just a few minutes!
Amy Erin Borovoy (aka VideoAmy)
Director of Video
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Edutopia offers an Embeddable Player that makes it easy to showcase any video we have produced -- anywhere on your own website!

We use YouTube to host our videos, so embedding an Edutopia video is as easy as using YouTube's embedding function.

First, check out our entire library of Edutopia videos to search for the video you'd like by title or keyword, or to browse the videos by grade level or core strategy. Click through to visit the page of the video you'd like to feature. Then, click the "Get Video" tab under the video player, which will show you a simple code to cut-and-paste into your own website.

Please have a look at the Edutopia Embeddable Player Terms of Use we have posted on our web site. Our videos are for educational and non-commercial use only, and we do request that you include a prominent hot link back to on any page where you embed one of our videos.
The player that is embedded on your site will be very similar to the ones you see on Edutopia, so you'll give your viewers access to the same sharing options, embedding tools, and links with more related resources back to, as well as a way to subscribe to Edutopia's YouTube Channel.
For schools that have YouTube blocked, we encourage you to look into YouTube for Schools, a new free program from YouTube that allows member schools to filter out content they don't want, and limit student permissions, while still having access to white-listed educational videos on YouTube.
If you have any difficulties making this work, or questions of any kind, feel free to contact us at for help.

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