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Reuse It: Contact Lens Packaging for Classroom Crafts

Reuse It: Contact Lens Packaging for Classroom Crafts

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Game pieces made from contact lens containers

Daily wear contacts changed my life. With extreme allergies, the change to a brand spanking new pair of contacts every day was a no-brainer. No itching. No redness. No sliding behind the eyeball. When I was fitted for the contacts, my first question was, “Are the containers recyclable?” The doctor looked stunned, like he’d never heard that question before –– maybe even a little embarrassed. He replied, “I don’t know.” So I gave the little plastic things an inspection. Sure enough, they were (are) recyclable. I brought my first set of contacts home, ripped off the foil covering, extracted the circular lens, and popped them into my eyes. Then I immediately combined both plastic pieces, pressed them together like a Play-Doh mold.

Contact lens containers

Bam! Game board piece! Character creation! 3-D map inhabitants! Topographic Map animals! With a little hot glue and paper, creations go upright and you reused plastic that could potentially end up in a landfill. Wins all around. Give it a try!

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