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Contributors: November/December Issue

    Credit: Christina Wood

    Christina Wood -- Writer

    Award-winning writer and editor Christina Wood has covered technology, business, finance, marriage, parenting, and education in many national publications, including Family Circle, This Old House, USA Weekend, Popular Science, PC World, and PC Magazine. She hopes her article on bags in this issue will lead to many more fashion assignments, since she already spends an absurd amount of time shopping.

    Credit: Thomas Reis

    Thomas Reis -- Illustrator

    Thomas Reis started illustrating as a graduate student at the San Francisco Art Institute in the early '90s and has been freelancing ever since. His clients include such publications as Time, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and Business Week and companies such as Chase Manhattan, Sony, MGM, and Colgate-Palmolive. He resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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    Credit: Tamim Ansary

    Tamim Ansary -- Writer

    We often hear from teachers that the standard textbooks they use are dull and dumbed down. In this age of rapidly expanding knowledge, we wondered why this should be the case. So we asked a publishing-industry insider, Tamim Ansary, to give us an exposé of the "sausage factory" that produces the books that frustrate teachers and stupefy students.