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Education Equity

The Crisis in Black Education

From the shortage of black teachers to lowered expectations of our black students and curriculum that all but ignores African American history and culture, there is a crisis in black education. As we grapple with complex issues of race and equity in our schools, these three educators share their candid, concrete, and practical solutions.
    1. A side profile of a black educator smiling. The background is out of focus, showing three other black educators standing.
      Education Equity

      The Crisis in Black Education: Crafting Mirrors Where Kids Can See Themselves

      A veteran educator shares his strategies for getting more black male teachers in front of black students.
    2. Photo of Antwan Wilson, a black male educator smiling in a suit.
      Education Equity

      The Crisis in Black Education: Focusing on Young People’s Strengths

      Washington, DC’s new chancellor stresses the importance of high expectations and wrap-around support for black students.
    3. Bettina Love in front of a classroom
      Education Equity

      The Crisis in Black Education: Reaching Students Where They Are

      An education professor draws connections between critical skills and hip-hop culture, and argues that there is no crisis in black education.
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