Lesson 4: Creating Your Lessons from Templates from Citizen Schools

Download these templates and worksheets to help you construct your course outline and lesson plans, and to evaluate your teaching performance.

September 24, 2008

So far, you've received insights into what makes a strong lesson plan. Now you get to put the concepts to work by developing lesson plans for your apprenticeship.

Included are three templates: a WOW plan, a lesson outline, and a self-assessment. You can customize them and print them out. The templates are designed for ten ninety-minute apprenticeship sessions, but you can adjust them to fit any program.

WOW Plan: Chart Your Course

Use the WOW plan template to chart the course of your apprenticeship -- from the first week to the last. This template helps you develop learning objectives so you can progress from one learning stage (such as modeling) to the next (such as scaffolding) until you finally get to the WOW, which is when students present, perform, or complete their project.

To review the learning stages, jump back to . To see examples of learning activities and lesson planning tips, visit .

Download the WOW Worksheet (60KB)

Lesson Template: Plan Your Sessions

Use the lesson template to create lesson plans for each session. The template includes two parts for preplanning and delineating your agenda. You can also use the example lesson plan as a guide to complete your own lesson.

Download a Lesson Plan Example (80KB)

Download the Lesson Plan Template (76KB)

Weekly Self-Assessment: Check Your Performance

Do you think your lesson resonated with kids? Did you feel good about the lesson outcome? Use this self-assessment template to make an honest appraisal of your teaching performance. If you're working with other teachers or associates, use your results to get teaching tips and advice.

Download the Self-Assessment Worksheet (80KB)

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