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A Glossary of Common Build SF Terms

We use these terms throughout this and other Build SF lessons.

October 15, 2008

We use the terms listed below throughout the curriculum. Please peruse the list and refer back to it when needed.


Golf Vocabulary

  • Club: A metal rod about 45 inches long with a thickened end used to hit a golf ball.
  • Green: The grassy area containing the golf hole.
  • Handicap: The rating of a golfer's ability, which represents the number of strokes needed to finish a course; the lower the handicap, the better the golfer.
  • Hazard: An obstacle that makes it harder to get a golf ball into the hole, including a sharp turn, a solid block, or a moving element over the hole.
  • Miniature golf: A miniature version of a golf course in which players hit a golf ball short distances into a hole. Obstacles or hazards make the game more difficult; the scenery creates a playful atmosphere.
  • Par: The number of strokes (swings that connect with the ball) it takes an experienced player to get the golf ball into the hole.
  • Putter: A type of club that players use to hit the ball short distances (usually several feet).
  • Tee: The small mound or peg from which players begin to play each golf hole; also the act of placing the ball on the tee.
  • Tee off: To hit the golf ball from a tee.


Math Vocabulary

  • Angle: Where two lines meet, such as the place where two walls come together to form a corner.
  • Area: A measurement of two-dimensional space. In a quadrilateral, the area is the length times the width.
  • Estimation: An educated guess on an amount or size, often based on comparisons.
  • Measurement: The act of determining the dimensions or volume of an object.
  • Perimeter: The border around a two-dimensional shape (or the length of that border).
  • Polygon: A closed shape with three or more sides; it can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional.
  • Pythagorean theorem: The rule that the square of the length of the hypotenuse (longest side) of a right triangle is the sum of the squares of each of the other sides of the triangle.
  • Slope: The tangent of the angle of inclination of a line, or the slope of the tangent line for a curve or surface.
  • Volume: The measurement of three-dimensional space within a three-dimensional shape.

Design Vocabulary

  • 2-D (two dimensional): A description of a visual composed of only length and width.
  • 3-D (three dimensional): A description of a visual composed of length, width, and height.
  • Composition: The visual arrangement of elements in a piece.
  • Layout: The arrangement of text and images usually within a document or display.
  • Orthographic drawings: A series of two-dimensional drawings of an object showing one side of the object at a time.
  • Perspective: A method of seeing and drawing that allows artists to represent three-dimensional scenes in two dimensions.

Architecture Vocabulary

  • Arch: A curved opening that allows for more structural stability due to the geometric distribution of stress
  • Architect: A person who designs structures with human use, materials, physics, economics, and culture in mind.
  • Column: A vertical, pole-like support
  • Dome: A raised, often half-spherical structure that distributes weight equally (similar to an arch).
  • Organic: A shape related to a plant or animal form, often referring to any non-linear, non-mechanical shape.

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