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A New (School) Year's Resolution: Looking Back and Forward

Planning for the school year with project-based learning, intervention strategies, and college readiness in mind.

    The beginning of a new school year for an educator is like the beginning of a calendar year for everyone else. It's a time for reflection on lessons learned and an exciting time of looking forward towards improvement. Since this is my first post in the 2011-2012 school year, I am taking stock of my blogging on Edutopia.

    Since my first blog in June, 2007, I have written more than forty blogs posts chronicling the journey of Envision Schools and our approach to redesigning high school education. In looking through the more successful posts (measured by the number of comments), I wrote most on the two topics of Project-based Learning (PBL) and Relationships: Personalization, Community and Parents. I also covered College Readiness/Success, Intervention Strategies and Technology in posts that were very well received by Edutopia readers.

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    College Readiness/College Success

    Project-based Learning

    Intervention Strategies

    Relationships: Personalization, Community and Parents

    I'm proud that I have one of the longest tenures as a blogger for Edutopia. I plan to continue documenting the Envision model and also reflect on the future of education for teaching, learning and assessment. In the spirit of collective inquiry, I invite you to review these posts and let me know if these themes still resonate. Most of all, please comment on what's missing; I will use your feedback to guide my writing this school year.