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PD for the Holiday Break: 7 Lessons and Blogs

Resources and quick reads

    During my first year of teaching, I assigned students homework over the holidays. The week before we left for break, I handed out a packet on thermodynamics. It was due three weeks later. Some of my students left the room singing, "You're a mean one, Mr. B."

    Jedi Master Noschese illustrates frames of reference.

    Many of you have some time off next week, so I thought I should reclaim my Grinch status. Therefore, I have reading assignments for you.

    Homework Directions

    Each day, read the assigned blog. As you read, keep in mind the following question: What New Year Resolutions can I make to engage my students in learning? (Note: Reading with a question in mind is a very effective reading comprehension strategy)

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    Due Date: Reflect on the guiding question and post your answer in the comment section by January 2.


    Every good assignment should start with a hook. If this title doesn't get you interested nothing will.