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Happy Scott Walker Day!

Guest blogger Holden Clemens shares his euphoria over the state of education today

April 1, 2011

Editor's Note: Today's guest blog is by Holden Clemens. Mr. Clemens is an educator. This makes him slightly more qualified than most politicians to comment on education.


I would like to take this moment to in honor of today -- Scott Walker Day -- to share my thoughts on the current state of the educational system in our beloved country.

I'm proud of everything teachers have accomplished these past couple of decades. It's nothing short of a miracle, really. As a profession, teachers have gone from some of the most poorly paid professionals to professionals that are bursting at the seams with money. Rolling in it! We are so lucky to have all of those extra thousands of dollars to spend on our fancy erasable pens and lined paper.

We've all done so well financially that it's about time that we teachers start to give back. You know, trickle some of it down.

The first thing we need to give in on is this class size thing. We have to stop pretending that a class of 36 is any different than a class of 26. It's only 10 more students! You can bet these students are well-behaved and without any special needs. Just sit them in class and pass out the bubble test. It only moves the teacher to student time from 1.7 minutes to 1.3 minutes. It's only .4 minutes, people. It's a sacrifice we can make at this tough time in education.

We also need to work on our listening skills. There are many non-educators and failed educators that have very valid points. Also, there are tons of politicians that have attended various levels of school. If you can't trust a politician who has been to school, who can you trust?

I have had my oil changed every 3 months for the past 25 years. I was really upset that my suggestions on fixing the auto industry were ignored, but I guess I just didn't know the right people.

Anyway, we also need trust our leaders. It's not like they would put someone who has never been a teacher in a spot of authority in education. Wait, what? Seriously? He has never been a teacher?


Well, shoot.

Happy April Fools (Scott Walker) Day!

Holden Clemens has dedicated his life to providing hope to students in his classroom. He hopes to bring smiles to the faces of hard working educators around the globe. He believes that no child can be reduced to a number or a bubble. To date, he has left no child behind. He also likes rainbows and Triceratopses. In that order.

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