Technology Integration

Fundraising and Grant Resources for Tech Integration

There are an increasing number of available resources out there to support your classroom projects - you just need to know where to look.
March 25, 2011

It's great to talk about integrating technology, but what if you're stuck in a classroom with little or no technology or in a school with limited resources?

Seek out free money!

Here are some great resources for getting technology into your students' hands.

Digital Wish

Create a profile for your school. Anyone can make a donation toward your school. When you have enough funds in your account you can go shopping through the Digital Wish store. They also have grants.


Ongoing grants for anything from $200 to a flip cam. Submit a project idea and garner enough votes by the deadline and you win. There are constantly new grants announced.

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Donors Choose

Create a teacher account and submit a project proposal like a set of books or a digital camera. Solicit donations and get your project funded by a deadline. If your project is not funded by the deadline, any donations made to your project can be applied to another project. Many corporate donors fund projects, too.


Create a student team to solve a real-world problem and win hardware and a cash prize for your school. Requires a good amount of commitment, but epitomizes authentic learning. Competitions in various age ranges under 19 years old.

Target Stores

Sign up for a Target RedCard and get your families and teachers to do so as well. Then, Target will reward your school each time they make a purchase with the card.

Other Grant Resources


Technology Grant News

eSchoolNews has a great article on grant writing if you're looking to write a larger grant.

What's great about completing little projects is building up a formidable collection of technology over the course of a few years. You don't have to outfit your entire room in one year. Adding one new tool each year or twice a year will ensure that you and your students get the most out of your materials.

If you have other great resources, please share them here!