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In honor of Edutopia's 20th anniversary, we're producing a series of Top 20 lists, from the practical to the sublime.

Twenty Things Elementary Kids Will Likely Say in September

1. Do you yell?

2. What time is snack?

3. Is it almost lunch?

4. I'm going to Disney World in May.

5. What is your first name?

6. How old are you?

7. I want my mommy.

8. Is this a healthy snack? (holds up Snickers bar)

9. What do I do now?

10. I need a Band-Aid.

11. Do we have homework?

12. My lunch pail is leaking.

13. Is it time to go home?

14. I forgot my snack, what do you have for me?

15. I came in a bus 4, but my mom said I should be on bus 7. But I'm really walking home. (Ugh!)

16. Can you guess my middle name?

17. Can I go to the bathroom?

18. My teacher didn't do it that way last year.

19. What do I do with this? (holding paper or tissue)

20. I'm tired! (puts head down)

What else do you expect to hear from your elementary students when school starts again? Please add yours to the comments section below.

Do you have an education-related list of 20 you'd like to submit? Please send to community AT edutopia. Be sure you have a profile on with a photo and bio included.

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Nick's picture

I am looking forward to this. I have been teaching high school the past four years and I will now be teaching grades 3-5. But is this really only what 3rd graders will say this September? Some of my high school students would say these things :)

Lisa's picture

10 things middle schoolers say:

10. Is this on Moodle?
9 Do we need to write this down?
8. I read a book, saw a movie, heard a story about something that is only remotely related to this topic but I will take 12 minutes to tell you about it in detail, thus derailing any opportunity you have to complete your plans for this lesson.
7. Is this for a grade?
6. Is it time for snack?
5. Will this be on the test?
4. Do I need to write this down?
3. May I please go to the bathroom?
2. Is this for a grade?
1. When is recess?

Elena Eigel's picture
Elena Eigel
special needs teacher, Romania

Hello,I agree all of the above! Now,let me add a list to bring some specifficity as teacher working mainly into the therapy room.
1. You, again?
2. You got weight.
3. You look older.
4. Who are you?
5. I saw you last summer.
6. I forgot multiplication.
7. Madam, this boy kicked me twice.
8. Don"t wanna talk to you today!
9. Do you have candies? Could you bear in mind to buy some?
10. to 20. (and counting: When do you come to take me to the therapy room?
Have a glorious school year! :)

Corah's picture

*insert whine* awwwww
What's next?
I forgot my homework.
What time is it? (no one can read the analog clock)
Can I sharpen my pencil?
She looked at me funny.
He said the s word. (and it's never the word you think it is)

Carrie Sarbello's picture
Carrie Sarbello
4th grade teacher Port Jervis, NY

I laughed because I've heard every one of these already this year! For the elementary teachers out there: "He/she cut me!" They always care about who cut them in line, even though we are all going to the same place!

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