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Arne Duncan to Address Education Innovation Thursday

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U.S. Department of Education efforts to invest $650 million in innovative projects for public education are picking up steam this week. Duncan will make a long-awaited speech Thursday defining innovation and laying out the criteria the department will be looking for in granting the money.

Duncan's staff has reached out to Edutopia to encourage our community of innovators to follow the speech via live webcast. Tune in Thursday morning at 9 a.m. EDT.

-- David Markus, Editorial Director

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jacqueline barnett's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I am an art teacher in S. Philadelphia. I am interested in seeing blogs or articles about teaching art, its importance, and relevance to the core curriculum as well as innovations in that area.

Ian Kaiser 's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Hello everyone I am the Career Pathway Consultant for the Vallejo City Unified School District. I oversee 6 academies, Bio Tech, Hospitality, Media Graphic, Public Service, Engineering and Business. Vallejo is at the bottom of the chain when it comes to test scores and drop out rate. Its a wonderful place to be because I am drawing on best practices around the country to offer our students project base learning models attached to real life applications. We are transforming a lost generation. Our grant money requires Advisory Boards from the private sector and also design teams. Our media graphics needs structure and vision. I am been focusing on networking and connecting to innovation outside of the Bankrupt Vallejo.

I solict you ideas, conncetions and just plane friendship building

Thank you

Ian Kaiser
Career Pathway Consultant
Vallejo City Unified School District

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