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458 Bucks: Teacher Out-of-Pocket

Every teacher needs a giving tree.
Edutopia Team
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Credit: Edutopia

Average amount of their own money teachers spend at the beginning of a school year to stock a classroom with supplies, snacks, prizes, classroom decorations, and other instructional resources. Though schools provide staff with basic supplies, about 60 percent of a teacher's expenses still go toward purchasing necessities such as pencils and pens. Some teachers spend more than $1,000 before that first day of class, buying everything from $2 notebooks to $500 educational software.

Source: National School Supplies and Equipment Association

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Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

The consideration to the arts sholud be shown through a larger stipend for each year.

Linda Mackenzie's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

All schools should be fully funded. No student should have to bring any supplies to school with the exception of a backpack. Everything else should be provided, even paper. Let's put the public back in public schools.

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