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Virtual Schools: A Method of Education That's Becoming More of a Reality

Diane Demee-Benoit

Former Director of Outreach at Edutopia
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More than twenty states now have statewide online-education initiatives, primarily virtual high school courses. As more states see online classes as a way to provide access to curriculum, it's even more critical that we look closely at the quality of the various offerings.

GLEF covered the story of online learning last spring. Through an in-depth multimedia presentation featuring videos, interviews, and reports, we compared how various online-learning pioneers are tackling the challenge of providing high-quality online courses.

Since that time, Learning Point Associates has published an updated report, " Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning: A Review of State-Level Policy and Practice," which should be of interest to those of you interested in virtual schools.

If you know of new resources on the subject of virtual schooling, post them here.

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Diane Demee-Benoit

Former Director of Outreach at Edutopia

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Lindsey's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I don't really know what to think about "Virtual Schools" just yet. I am a future educator and I feel that the social aspect of school via the internet, webcams, etc would take a serious toll on the students as well as the educators. How would the students communicate with the teacher outside of the "set time" of class if they needed help? How would students communicate with others if they didn't know anyone? I just feel that virtual schools would be the least effective way to approach new educational strategies.

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