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Teacher Development

YES Prep Hires and Supports Great Teachers

In a school where students and staff alike give 100 percent every day, teacher support and a strong community are key.

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    Teacher Development

    Teacher Traits 75K
    Seven characteristics of the most effective YES Prep teachers, determined by an independent study of YES teachers and used in recruitment and hiring

    Teacher Summative Evaluation Rubric (Blank) 620K
    Form for teachers, completed at year's end

    Teacher Summative Evaluation Rubric (Example) 656K
    Form for teachers, completed at year's end

    Walk-Through Observation Form 1.4MB
    Short-form classroom evaluation

    Full Observation Evaluation Form 664K
    Long-form classroom evaluation

    Focused Observation (Example) 1.3MB
    Evaluation form for a particular area for teacher improvement

    Postobservation Conference Plan 93K
    Conversation guide

    Professional-Development Calendar 1.4MB
    YES Prep North Central, 2008-09

    Rounds Program Overview 113K
    Overview of YES Prep North Central's medical-school-style rounds program

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