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YES Prep Cultivates a Culture of Achievement

A supportive and caring environment underpins a strict discipline program.

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    School Culture and Discipline

    YES Core Values 58K
    Five core values shared by all YES Prep schools

    Thinks & Acts 783K
    Key "Thinks and Acts" for students and educators, developed by YES Prep students

    RISE Overview 108K
    Overview of YES Prep North Central's discipline system, RISE (Restoring Individual Student Excellence)

    RISE Responsibility Log 160K
    Responsible-behavior log used in the RISE discipline system

    RISE Respect Log 160K
    Respectful-behavior log used in the RISE discipline system

    More at How YOU Can Do It: YES Prep Resources and Downloads

    Since we produced this video, Philip Wright has accepted a position as codirector of the YES Prep Southeast campus, teacher Bryan Reed has taken his place as principal of YES Prep North Central's high school, and history teacher Magda Derisma has relocated to Florida and no longer works for YES Prep.

    Schools That Work

    Yes Prep North Central

    Charter, Suburban
    Grades 6-12
    Houston, TX

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