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Andrew Miller

Andrew has been as a classroom teacher, instructional coach and online teacher. He has taught in many settings, from a comprehensive high school, to a 6th-12th grade Project Based Learning and STEM school. He has taught a variety of subjects from English and Social Studies to Technology and Game design through implementing small-scale to extensive integrated projects. Currently, Andrew is an Instructional Coach at the Shanghai America School in China with has a heavy focus on Understanding By Design(r), Assessment and Project Based Learning. He also serves on the faculty for ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development). He has supported educators in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Kuwait, India, China, Australia, and the Dominican Republic. Andrew is also the author of "Freedom to Fail" published with ASCD, and has contributed articles to ILA, ASCD, and Edutopia.

Areas of Interest: 
Project Based Learning,
Classroom and School Culture,
Grading and Reporting ,
Technology Integration,
Culturally Responsive Teaching,
Game Based Learning

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