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Global Education

Explore education in other parts of the world, and learn how U.S. students connect with students and ideas from beyond their own borders.

  • Diversity

    Sharing Immigrant Experiences in the Classroom

    Exploring the perspectives of immigrants with students helps them better understand the meaning of citizenship in a democracy.
  • Design Thinking

    Design Thinking: A Problem Solving Framework

    Students learn to empathize with others around the globe while solving real-world problems.
  • Global Education

    Humanitarian Engineering in High School

    High school students in Alabama design prosthetic devices and tackle other real-world challenges with a village in Honduras.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Morning Meetings From Pre-K to 12th Grade

    Daily discussions and team-building activities meet the physical, social and emotional, and spiritual needs of students.
  • Character Education

    Getting Their Hands Dirty

    Experiential learning—like making incense sticks in factory conditions—teaches kids about real social issues.
  • Global Education

    Authentic Activities for the World Language Classroom

    More than 30 exercises to keep your students engaged and learning.
  • Global Education

    In Language Classrooms, Students Should Be Talking

    Language classes often don't focus on the aspect of learning a language that intrigues students most -- speaking it. We should get students talking more.
  • Design Thinking

    Empowering Students With Design Thinking

    A school in India founded on design thinking principles encourages students to be active agents in their own learning.
  • Design Thinking

    Building Products for Real-World Clients

    Students in India in grades pre-K to 12 use design thinking to create products that address real needs.
  • Teacher Leadership

    No-Cost Summer Travel for Teachers

    As summer approaches, do you find yourself daydreaming about how you will spend your long summer months as a civilian? I enjoy enriching the minds of students for ten months, but as summer draws nearer, I yearn to act as the learner, preferably at someone else’s expense. Fellowships, workshops, seminars and service travel can provide you with intellectually stimulating learning opportunities while on the road.
  • Global Education

    Lessons Learned From Great Schools Around the World

    A former teacher discusses what he learned in his travels across four continents.
  • Global Education

    Pen Pals 2.0: Can Technology Foster Global Tolerance?

    Schools all over the world are using digital tools to help students collaborate and build cultural understanding with distant peers.
  • Education Trends

    5 (Recent) Historical Events You Should Discuss with Your Students

    Guest blogger Josh Work reminds us that history is alive and unfolding, and that some of our young students now require full explanations of major events that still loom large in our adult memories.
  • Education Trends

    A Look Inside the Classroom of the Future

    To educate students for 21st-century careers, educators should be using real-world case studies, embracing complexity, practicing empathy, integrating technology, and encouraging reflection.
  • Global Education

    Giving Students’ Empathy Muscles a Workout

    A new platform helps teachers in different countries connect their classrooms and encourage an appreciation for different perspectives.