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Teacher Appreciation - Tip #5: Watch this Five-Minute Film Festival

Get tips and ideas every day in May for Teacher Appreciation Month on how you can thank your favorite teachers -- and support them throughout the year!
    Credit: Illustration by Walter C. Baumann

    Tip #5: Watch this Five-Minute Film Festival on Teacher Appreciation

    This video playlist for Teacher Appreciation Month is an ode to great educators. (Get the tissues!)

    From the curator, @VideoAmy: "Some of the clips in this playlist might make you laugh, and some might make you cry, but all of them should make you feel like a super-hero -- for the work you do every day is the most important work that anyone can do. Thank you!"

    "Every Day in May"

    Every day in May we'll be offering up a new way to appreciate teachers.

    Do you want to share a recommendation for how best to show your gratitude to an educator? Post a comment with your tip below -- we'll feature the most popular ones (that is, comments with the most likes) on and in our newsletter.

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