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Teacher Appreciation - Tip #26: Lend a Hand in the Classroom

Get tips and ideas every day in May for Teacher Appreciation Month on how you can thank your favorite teachers -- and support them throughout the year!
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Credit: Illustration by Walter C. Baumann
Tip #26: Lend a Hand in the Classroom

Administrators, show your appreciation by offering to take over class for an hour -- or even 20 minutes. Put on a special read-aloud time that will give your teachers a brief break or extra time to catch up on grading and lesson planning.

Parents, you can volunteer too. One Edutopia blogger refers to parents as "a secret weapon waiting to be discovered." Volunteer to lead a project or class activity that frees a teacher up have one-on-one meetings with other students. Or let a teacher know about any special skills or talents that you have so she can call on your support if a class project could use your expertise.

"Every Day in May"

Every day in May we'll be offering up a new way to appreciate teachers.

Do you want to share a recommendation for how best to show your gratitude to an educator? Post a comment with your tip below -- we'll feature the most popular ones (that is, comments with the most likes) on and in our newsletter.

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