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Teacher Appreciation - Tip #1: Give a Teacher a Gift

Get tips and ideas every day in May for Teacher Appreciation Month on how you can thank your favorite teachers -- and support them throughout the year!
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Credit: Illustration by Walter C. Baumann

Tip # 1: Give a Teacher a Gift

Check out Edutopia's Gift Guide for some hints on what teachers love to receive. Gift certificates, thank-you notes, homemade or edible gifts, donations to your teacher's favorite charity, and classroom supplies all made it on our teacher-approved list.

"Every Day in May"

Every day in May we'll be offering up a new way to appreciate teachers.

Do you want to share a recommendation for how best to show your gratitude to an educator? Post a comment with your tip below -- we'll feature the most popular ones (that is, comments with the most likes) on and in our newsletter.

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Cheri's picture
Teacher by Day; Discount Broker by Night @

Hello Teachers,

Do you know of any location or national Teacher Appreciation discounts for the week of May 7th? Please share them here. We've found the Atlanta Zoo, some Chick-fil-A resturants and some online stores are honoring the week with savings. Check out for a complete list.

Teacher By Day; Discount Broker by Night

Rusha Sams's picture
Rusha Sams
Program Specialist with ARCC at Edvantia

How to show teachers you appreciate them: Just put a big ol' Hershey Bar Cake in the Teachers' Lounge right beside a card that says THANKS! Napkins and forks optional!

Caryl Wiliams's picture
Caryl Wiliams
educational interpreter for the deaf

Our student government is providing breakfast to the entire staff next Wednesday morning! I work at a high school. This is between senior finals and underclass finals. So nice

Julie's picture

The lovely notes, gifts, luncheons, massages, plants, flowers, etc., are all delightful. But really, the very best way to let teachers know you appreciate the work we do is to give us the support we need to do our job: Make sure your child is at school on time every day, properly fed, with plenty of sleep, and with adequate time to do their homework. Keep us in the loop if your child is facing physical, emotional, or academic challenges. Let your child know, by word and deed, that you value our work--their education.

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